Sourcing the Fruits of the World to Meet Your Manufacturing Needs

Customers rely on Dennick FruitSource, LLC for the latest information about trends in the sector and the inside knowledge needed to source fruit juices, concentrates and purees from both hemispheres.

Whether you’re a beverage company, baby food manufacturer, ice cream manufacturer, baked goods or other food manufacturer, Dennick FruitSource can source the HACCP-certified fruit juices and purees you need and get them delivered to your factory or designated location. Dennick FruitSource is sourcing fruits of the world to meet your manufacturing needs.

Mango, apricot, acerola, banana pink guava, white guava, lychee, peach…

See our complete line of juices, concentrates, and purees. Ask about our kosher and certified organic juices!

Expert Logistical Coordination

Getting fruit puree or juice from a processor in country A to a food manufacturer in country B can get complicated. Rules and regulations change constantly. Language and cultural differences are often obstacles. Dennick FruitSource provides expert logistical coordination.

Dennick FruitSource, LLC has a team of professionals who know the ins and outs of import-export from years of getting international shipments to receiving docks on schedule. Make sure the juice or puree you need to keep your production line moving isn’t delayed. Ask about our end-to-end logistics services.

Exceptional Customer Service

Dennick FruitSource, LLC is successful because we have been delivering exceptional customer service and value to fruit processors and food manufacturers since 2000.

Our business has grown steadily based mostly upon word-of-mouth and referrals from the fruit processors and food manufacturers we serve.

Many of our accounts have been with us since the firm started.

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